Since the age of 16-17 I have been on medication for anxiety, depression and PTSD. Which also includes isolation from the outside world, hate for myself and people around me, a lack of sleep, a massive change between being too big, being too thin, and so on. I am on my third lot of medication, as I find that most only work for a short period of time, and then my mental state starts to decrease again. Fluoxetine, sertraline, mertazipine, i’ve also used kalms (herbal, not prescribed, although when taken regularly, do relieve stress slightly i’ve found). When I first went to the doctors, I was told I’d only need a short term dose of medication, 6-9months, just to get me back on track, this was when I was 16-17, and now at 19 I still haven’t found a medication I agree with. The latest ones are mertazipine, which have helped me go from 3hours sleep a night, to atleast 5, which was a massive change and help for me. But… I joined weight watchers 4weeks ago, and in 3weeks I lost 6pound, when I went back for my 4th weigh-in I’d gained 2pounds, which really upset and frustrated me due to the fact that I’d been eating what we call here ‘rabbit food’ all week, basically meaning lots of salad and veg, weighing food, trying to be healthy. So I checked the side affects of mirtazipine, and the first side affect was ‘increase in appetite and weight gain’. So, it may help me sleep, but how is it ever going to help me with my depression if its going to make me gain weight, this is a big thing for me as I’m very self conscious, from 11st I fell to 7st, and now I’m at 12st, which is rather high, for my age and height 5ft3. Also at 21.45 a month for weightwatchers, I can’t afford to have a tablet that’s working against me. So, I ask you, what tablets will help with my anxiety, depression, ptsd, and won’t make me gain weight, and will help me sleep? Does this even exist? Someone help!